Sigma Chi Calender

Why Join Sigma Chi?

Sigma Chi is a Fraternity which has been turning men into
leaders of men since 1855. Our chapter which has been part of
Kettering’s Greek Life for a little over 50 years now is thriving
and the largest it has been in years. That being said each one of
our brother’s are expected to achieve and maintain a high level
of academic success which is acceptable to our standards. We
strive to be the most involved fraternity on campus, many of our
brother’s hold positions in Kettering’s student run organizations
and governments. Sigma Chi’s hold themselves to the values
and standards that our founders set to build ourselves to
become better men, this you will see reflected in our actions
and words everyday. As serious as we take our commitment to
our fraternity we also pride ourselves in being strong contenders
in our athletics. Upon visiting Sigma Chi you will see that we
have a diverse group of members when it comes to our talents
and interests, but at the end of the day we all have the common
goal to build ourselves to be the best men that we can become
and show our love for our fraternity. This makes for memorable
We hope that you take the time to visit each one of Kettering’s
fraternities and are able to find your fit into this unique
experience. We also hope you take the time to come hang out
with us, whether it be at school asking for advice when it comes
to academics or at to our house in Flushing. Good luck to you and

the beginning of your journey here at Kettering.