50th Anniversary & Lineage Tree

Check out the brand new Zeta Theta Fundraiser website at http://ztsigs.org/ztf/ and while you are there make sure you stop by the 50th Anniversary page to get all the latest information! http://ztsigs.org/ztf/50th-anniversary/

Would you like to help us?

Please send us any photo’s that you have of your time in the house to joseph.houlihan1@gmail.com, we will be compiling them and displaying them at the 50th

One of our undergraduate brothers has taken it upon himself to create a lineage tree going back as far as possible. If you can provide us with information such as your pledge class year, big brother, little brother(s), and section it would be very helpful and much appreciated. You can send this information directly to Eric Kosek at ekosek1718@gmail.com.

You can view the current state of the tree here: http://www.ztsigs.org/b-section/active/lineage-tree/

Zeta Theta-B Newsletter

Brother Alumni,

Our Chapter Editor, Anthony Davis (’16), has written a Newsletter about the recent goings on of the Zeta Theta-B Chapter. You can view it here.

Thank you,

Cameron Germain (’15)

Three Point 2011-2012 Edition

Brother Alumni,

The Three Point newsletter has been mailed out, and by now I hope that you have all received a copy. If you have not, please take a chance to see what is currently happening at your collegiate chapter by viewing the Three Point.

Thank you,

Cameron Germain (’15)

Pledging Spring 2012

After having a great recruitment term led by Andrew Sornig, we have begun our pledge term. Led by Magister Jake King with Kustos Brad Gilliam we are proud to be pledging the following gentlemen: David McLenithan, Jacob Kaarto, Robert Trask, Nicholas Butler, Ben Fedewa, Ryan Guidroz, Jake Gibson, Nathan Mines, Tyler Sauerwein, Chad Christy, Tim Engleman, Joe Houlihan, Anthony Davis, Bobby Marks, Eric Kosek, and Brad Holder

Dennis Ritz – Graduation 2011

Alumni Brother Dennis Ritz Class of 1983 recently sent us pictures of his newly rebuilt tractor; he purchased the house tractor at the 45th Anniversary silent auction. He and his son rebuilt the tractor. Below are the pictures of Dennis ,the tractor and his son.

Brad Lang – Brother In Need

Sergeant E-5 in the United States Marine, Brother Brad Lang, was seriously injured in Afghanistan in July. Brother Matt Jacobs has started a blog to give frequent updates on Brad’s recovery. If you would like access to the blog for either updates or donates follow this link.

In Hoc,

Brother Harold Dost

Three Point

Brother Alumni,

The Three Point newsletter has been mail, and by now we hope that you have all received a copy. If you how have not please take a chance to see what is happening at your collegiate chapter. The Three Point is available by clicking HERE.

Thank you,

Technology Chair
Harold Dost (’12)

Pledging Spring 2011

2011 Pledges and Magister Brother Dan Smith

After having a great recruitment term, we have begun what should be an excellent pledge term. Led by Magister Dan Smith with the aid of his Kustos Anthony Marchioni we are proud to be pledging the following gentlemen (roughly from front to back): Clint Starr, Kyle Irk, Corbett Ogletree, Mike Roethemeyer, Scott Holder, TJ Hufford, Ian Welsh, Jared Gaynier, Brett Campbell, Charles Essner, Zach Bradlau, Clay Roehrig, Cameron Germain, Andrew Disanto, Matt Feld, George Kohlman, Alex Zimmer, and Chris Graham (Not Pictured). Pledging is a time where their class become ever closer, and will transform not just as a group, but as individuals. The brothers of Zeta Theta chapter welcome them, and look forward to the coming months.

Haunted House 2010

It’s time again for trick-or-treaters and halloween celebrations. This year the Zeta Theta Chapter is happy to present the 38th Sigma Chi Haunted House. As in previous years all proceeds will go to benefit Huntsman Cancer Institute. We encourage you to join us Friday 29th and Saturday 30th from 8pm to Midnight. As always our haunted house is fun for all ages, and we hope to see you this coming weekend.

Update: Thanks to all of those who helped on the haunted house. Additionally I would like to thank all of you who came to see the haunted house. We were able to raise over $1200 for the Huntsman Cancer Institute through donations and tours. Hope to see you at the next Haunted House.

BLTW 2010

First meal at BLTW 2010

Over the last weekend twelve of our brothers from the Zeta Theta Chapter A and B sections embarked on a trip to Balfour LTW.

Starting on Thursday 29th of July the brothers participated in both combined events for all courses as well as smaller groups to discuss the issues their individual chapters are facing; each member providing information as to how issues have been dealt with in the past in order to better their chapters. Each discussion group was lead by an alumni member who also provided feedback and kept the groups on track.

In addition to the leadership programs, the participants at Balfour LTW together attended the largest initiation ever performed. By the end of the week group discussions had wrapped up, and individual chapters had their strategic plans developed for the next year to guide their goals and other chapter members towards bettering the chapters.

The closing ceremony included the presentation of awards where Zeta Theta – A was awarded the Blue Peterson. We applaud them for their accomplishment, and while we may not have attained one ourselves we have been provided with valuable feedback so that we may better ourselves in hopes of performing at the level to be eligible for such an award.