“This Badge requires more of me than the world requires of other men.”

–The Founders June 28, 1855

Sigma Chi and the Zeta Theta Chapter have a long and colorful history; understanding that history is crucial to understanding the nature of our Fraternity. Whether you’re a new college student interested in joining Sigma Chi, a parent looking for information about organizations for your son, an alumnus interested in brushing up on your knowledge, or an active undergraduate wanting to learn more about your organization, we’re happy and proud to tell you more about our heritage.

Sigma Chi was founded by seven students at the Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, in 1855. Our founding is rich in character and drama, reflecting the character and courage of our seven Founders. The Fraternity has expanded to include over 225 chapters and 240,000 initiates. For more information on the founding of the Sigma Chi Fraternity, and a summary of the history of this chapter click on the links below.

Founding of The Sigma Chi Fraternity

Founding of The Zeta Theta Chapter