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When I look back over forty years on the little group which gathered in Will Lockwood’s room at Miami to frame the foundations of this Fraternity, knowing only, as the marked out the lines of our beautiful badge and chose these strangely fitting emblems and mottoes, that somehow they loved one another, I believe that if we had been gifted with that refinement of vision we could have seen the guiding hand of the spirit Workman.I repeat, this Fraternity was no accident. This is not a world of accidents, but of cause and effect; not a world of illusions, but of realities; not a world of theories, but of practical work, governed not by the impassive, heartless God of the Greek father of logic, but by a personal, working God. Your Fraternity was created to bring under the influence of the fraternal spirit young men of sound brains and sound hearts, in order to make strong men for the era of cooperative action that is dawning upon the world.

FAREWELL ADDRESS – by General Benjamin Piatt Runkle

Help support Your Fraternity Our beloved and storied chapter house at 704 E Main St is suffering the effects of age and neglect. With 39 years of service to the Brothers, guest, and friends of Zeta Theta since its inception in 1963, we have all received a remarkable value. More than 1000 men have called “the house” their home, and this is our opportunity to give something back. The need for a substantial restoration is over due. Our failure to successfully complete this restoration now will create bigger and more difficult challenges in the future. The Zeta Theta Chapter House Restoration Committee, advisors, and undergraduate Brothers together comprise a team of talented and dedicated people fully committed to the success of the restoration project. Alumni support is needed to make this mission a success.Click here to connect to the fundraising website