Fall 2015 Rush Calendar


Fall 2015 Rush Events

1st Tuesday: BJ’s Late Night @ BJ’s Lounge 10pm – 12am

1st Thursday: Fight Night @ Sigma Chi 8pm – 9pm

2nd Monday: Circle Drive Football @ Sigma Chi 8pm

2nd Wednesday: Steaks, Sigs, & Cigars @ Sigma Chi 7pm – 9 pm

2nd Saturday: Community Service @ Sigma Chi 10am – 12pm

3rd Tuesday: Movie Night @ Sigma Chi 8pm – 9 pm

4th Wednesday: Viking Dinner @ Sigma Chi 7pm – 8pm

6th Tuesday: Blue & Gold Dinner (Invite Only) @ Sigma Chi 8:30pm – 10:30pm


For rides or questions, contact :  

Eric Suits

(616) 834-8228



Cody Cochran

(517) 917-1036



Sigma Chi House Address:

Sigma Chi Zeta Theta B

704 E Main St

Flushing, MI 48433

Initiation 2015


Congratulations to our newly inducted brothers from the Pledge Class of 2015. A big thank you to Nathan Mines for recruiting a great pledge class and their Magister, Tyler Sauerwein, on leading them through a grand pledge term. This years inducted members include (from top left): Zac Coblentz, Michael Murray, Harschal Patel, Tyler Sauerwein (Magister), Andrew Prina, Josh Kubicek, Brandon Belanger, Nick Moll, Nick Mitchell, Bill Schaub, Dylan Hett, Cory Fedewa, Jacob Bacheldor, Jacob Crosby, Adit Agrawal, and Zach Balogh.

Derby Days 2015

We had a very fun and successful Derby Days week here at Sigma Chi Zeta Theta B! Three teams participated this year and we would like to congratulate team Alpha Sigma Alpha for winning Derby Days 2015! Overall, we were able to raise over $5500 for Huntsman Cancer Institute. A new record! Thanks to everyone for participating and donating to our cause!

Initiation 2014

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After having a great recruitment term led by Jacob Kaarto, and a great pledge term led by Magister Andrew Disanto. We are proud to have the members of Pledge Class ’14 Jack Sabelhaus, Tyler Phillips, Andrew Kreppel, Maxwell Petit, Eric Suits, Jake Ebert, Evan Crowe, John Galubensky, Aaron Villano, and Scott Campbell join the brotherhood of Sigma Chi.

Derby Days!

We are kicking off our annual Derby Day’s philanthropy to help support cancer research! We had four teams this year: AGD, ASA, GDI, and DD. The scores and amount raised will be released after all events are completed.

Historian Recap of 50th weekend

     On November 9th 2013 the brothers of Sigma Chi Zeta Theta chapter celebrated 50 years of leadership, success, and brotherhood. Our 50th anniversary banquet was held at the Riverfront Banquet Center in Flint, MI. 236 brothers were in attendance, many accompanied by their wives or dates. Of this an amazing 9 founding members were at the event! The banquet room was decorated in grand fashion and tastefully decorated with blue and gold. Projectors displayed pictures from the decades of brothers in various scenes, renovations over the last 10 years, and signs of the times from 1963, bringing back memories for those involved. A silent auction was held in order to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network, and a lineage tree area was set up to gain information about the lineages in the house and their beginnings.
     The official event started at 6:00pm with reunions of old friends and reminiscing about years past. At 7:30 dinner was served and shortly after our speakers took to the podium. Our speakers were B-Section Consul Robert Marks, A-Section Consul Ryan Neph, Kettering University President Dr. McMahan, House Corporation Vice President Chris (Monkey) Channell, and Provincial Grand Praetor Jon Greenawalt. Each Consul gave an update on chapter proceedings including recent philanthropy events, current recruitment/pledging status, and current projects to improve the house physically or the brotherhood within. Kettering University President Dr. McMahan gave his support and recognition for the leadership he sees within Sigma Chi on campus, and his congratulations for the great 50 years that this chapter has been active. House Corporation Vice President Chris (Monkey) Channell spoke about the current projects on the house and plans for future projects, stating in particular the support that the House Corporation desperately needs from our Alumni to make these continuing improvements. In his speech he also recognized the class of 1963 which made all of this possible and if it were not for their tireless efforts we would not be where we are today. Finally our keynote speaker Jon Greenawalt took the stage. Jon spoke briefly about his pride in this chapter then read a heartfelt letter given to him by Richard Hester who was unable to attend the event. Then, unexpectedly, House Corporation President Ken Kayser joined Greenawalt on the stage, asking Chris Channell to join them. Greenawalt read the words that Ken had requested him to read – as he did not believe he could do so himself, in which Ken resigned from his position as President of the House Corporation, passing along the honor to Chris Channell.
     In addition to these main speakers of the evening, Matthew Jacobs, the big brother of Brad Lang took the stage to give a speech and accept the Military Service Pin for brother Brad Lang who was unable to attend. The presentations were finished on a reverent note as a White Rose Ceremony was held in honor of those brothers who had entered chapter eternal.
     Previously in the week the current brothers were delighted by surprise visits from alumni, in town early to celebrate the house. As early as Wednesday we began welcoming alumni to the house for tours and conversation. That night and each night thereafter many brothers and alumni gathered at the local bar Skip’s (and when Skip’s was too crowded, Jack’s). Friday night in particular, everyone gathered at Skip’s per tradition. By the end of the night there was standing room only with some brothers and alumni going to Jack’s, another local bar.
     The scale of the event was truly awe inspiring. Many alumni submitted pictures and donated items from their time in the house, to the current brotherhood and the house as is, for display. As we move forward past this grand occasion we hope to see more alumni involvement with our undergraduate chapter, more donations to the House Corporation which truly is in need of such contributions, and more opportunities available to alumni and undergraduates alike to give back to the house.

To view the pictures from the event click here

50th Anniversary & Lineage Tree

Check out the brand new Zeta Theta Fundraiser website at http://ztsigs.org/ztf/ and while you are there make sure you stop by the 50th Anniversary page to get all the latest information! http://ztsigs.org/ztf/50th-anniversary/

Would you like to help us?

Please send us any photo’s that you have of your time in the house to joseph.houlihan1@gmail.com, we will be compiling them and displaying them at the 50th

One of our undergraduate brothers has taken it upon himself to create a lineage tree going back as far as possible. If you can provide us with information such as your pledge class year, big brother, little brother(s), and section it would be very helpful and much appreciated. You can send this information directly to Eric Kosek at ekosek1718@gmail.com.

You can view the current state of the tree here: http://www.ztsigs.org/b-section/active/lineage-tree/

Zeta Theta-B Newsletter

Brother Alumni,

Our Chapter Editor, Anthony Davis (’16), has written a Newsletter about the recent goings on of the Zeta Theta-B Chapter. You can view it here.

Thank you,

Cameron Germain (’15)

Three Point 2011-2012 Edition

Brother Alumni,

The Three Point newsletter has been mailed out, and by now I hope that you have all received a copy. If you have not, please take a chance to see what is currently happening at your collegiate chapter by viewing the Three Point.

Thank you,

Cameron Germain (’15)

Pledging Spring 2012

After having a great recruitment term led by Andrew Sornig, we have begun our pledge term. Led by Magister Jake King with Kustos Brad Gilliam we are proud to be pledging the following gentlemen: David McLenithan, Jacob Kaarto, Robert Trask, Nicholas Butler, Ben Fedewa, Ryan Guidroz, Jake Gibson, Nathan Mines, Tyler Sauerwein, Chad Christy, Tim Engleman, Joe Houlihan, Anthony Davis, Bobby Marks, Eric Kosek, and Brad Holder